Rusty Solomon: Personal Assistant Guru

Rusty Solomon has mastered the art of producing websites that appeal to the masses. Innovation and creativity are his specialties. This university graduate has managed to retain many loyal customers due to his remarkable ability to impress his clients time and time again.

Rusty began his career at a private equity firm as an associate. After he spent two years with the firm, he was able to network and establish a solid foundation of experience and contacts that could be used for the rest of his career. The firm prepared him for his own business where he proved that he was a capable businessman.

Rusty Solomon is from New England and was heavily influenced by Indian culture and working class ideas. He was often inspired by working class people who were industrious in nature, and his websites reflect this influence also. His flagship website focused on promoting the use of personal assistants for individuals and businesses.

To launch this website, he partnered with John Wardell. They called the company, “Personal Assistants for You” to help companies find quality personal assistants available to help at all times. The team was able to attract both new and old contacts and become successful. Using new ideas they generated in 2007, they were able to launch a successful business venture capable of assisting companies with their personal assistant needs.

At its inception, the business performed well. Rusty Solomon and John Wardell were so pleased with its success that they searched for ways to improve. One way he chose to improve quality relationships with clients was to develop a sound system for online outsourcing that was superior to his competition. Relationships allowed Rusty Solomon to grow his business into a profitable endeavor.

To get involved, clients are advised to pay a monthly fee for access to a database of personal assistants. Clients can review profiles and determine which assistant they would like based upon their credentials. These personal assistants are available for work at any time of the day and any day of the week.

By using this process, Rusty Solomon became a successful businessman. He is constantly working to improve his strategy and become more profitable, but he has proven that he is capable in numerous categories. Contact Rusty Solomon to determine how your company can benefit from his services.

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